Yocum Hall

About Yocum Hall

Yocum Hall is a ten-story, co-ed residence hall with a large activity room on the ground floor and a TV lounge on the first floor. Each bedroom has built-in closets, dressers and a long, centrally positioned built-in desk with bookcase, ethernet access, cable and a networked smoke detector.

Yocum is located directly across the street from the Walton College of Business and Kimpel Hall. Yocum is one of the tallest buildings on campus and features study rooms on each floor, a large T.V. Lounge on the first floor, and a game room on the ground floor. The building is air-conditioned and the hallways are carpeted.

Hall visiting hours are 8 a.m. to 2 a.m., Sunday through Thursday, and 24 hours a day during Friday and Saturday.

This hall is open to students even during winter and spring breaks.

Rates by Semester

Double Room


Single Room


Front Desk


Physical Address

155 N. McIlroy Ave.
Fayetteville, AR 72701-4032

Mailing Addresses

155 N. McIlroy Ave.
Fayetteville, AR.

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Standard Features

Hall Features

  • Capacity of 530 students
  • Co-ed building
  • Student population: All students
  • Elevator
  • Living/Learning Community
  • Named for Judge Henry S. Yocum of El Dorado, Yocum Hall opened in 1963. Judge Yocum served as a member of the Board of Trustees

Pipe Chase Rooms

Several rooms were modified to include space for an air-flow chase. Referred to as "pipe chase rooms," these rooms are provided with a wall-mounted flat-screen TV, lofts, movable bureaus and desks.

Pipe chase rooms are found on every floor, except the first floor, in rooms that end with 05, 10, 17 and 28.

Typical Room Layout

Typical Double-Room Dimensions

  • 2 Twin beds
    • Door-side bed: (75" x 36" x 25")
    • Window-side bed: (80" x 36" x 25")
  • Double desk (84" x 24" x 31")
  • 2 Desk chairs (23" x 21" x 33")
  • Bookshelves over desk (84" x 9" x 31")
  • 2 Closets (48" x 32" x 96")
  • Double dresser (70" x 24" x 40")
  • Overhead storage (70" x 24" x 17.5")
  • Lighted Mirror (60" W x 27" H)
  • 2 Bulletin Boards (43" W x 32" H)
  • Window with blinds (127" W x 57" H)
  • Window ledge (9'9" x 16" x 37')
  • Unless noted, measurements are L x W x H
  • Beds are on light wooden lofts: one bed unit is shorter (75" mattress) to accommodate the room door frame. The other bed has an 80" mattress.
  • Bedrooms are approximately 13'6" deep and 9'9" wide