Conference Services

University Housing offers overnight space for summer conferences and camps.

We have changed our rate structure to reflect the new buildings that are available for summer conferences use.

We hope the simplification of the rate structure will help with future conference planning.

The prices in the tables reflect the per-night charge per individual.

Room Rates

Attendee Number Traditional Super Traditional Suite Super Suite
Under 500 $20.24 $22.59 $25.51 $35.29
500–999 $19.10 $21.46 $24.27 $33.60
1000+ Amount negotiated by request

Halls by Type


  • Futrall Hall
  • Gibson Hall
  • Gregson Hall
  • Holcombe Hall
  • Humphreys Hall
  • Phi Delta Theta
  • Phi Gamma Delta
  • Pomfret Hall
  • Reid Hall
  • Yocum Hall

Super Traditional

  • Founders Hall
  • Hotz Honors Hall


  • Maple Hill East
  • Maple Hill South
  • Maple Hill West
  • Sigma Nu
  • Walton Hall

Super Suite

  • Northwest Quad
  • Duncan Avenue Apartments

An important note to the summer conferences rate structure is the price for a requested single room. The rate associated with that room is the current room rate plus half. For example, a single room in Maple Hill would cost $38.26 per night ($25.5 + 1/2 of $25.51 = $38.26).


Linen service is excluded in the table structure.

The price for linen service is $14 for up to a week's worth of service.

For groups needing extended linen service, there will be additional costs associated with use.