Cox Cable Information

Installation Video

Senior Resnet technician Jack Dennis takes us through the steps of setting up your Cox Cable service once you arrive in your residence hall room.

The Cox remote uses a AAA battery. You are responsible for supplying this battery.

PDF Channel Listing

On-Call Help

Call 1-855-512-8876 for help

Visit the ResNet webpage for general wifi help.

University Housing will help when you are missing cable box hardware. This includes a missing remote or an infrared extender.

Cox Communications will help you with all other issues.

Be ready to provide the following information:

  1. Your hall name, physical address and room number
  2. A detailed description of your question or issue
  3. Your name and contact information
Know Your Physical Address

Residence Halls

Building Name Physical Address
Buchanan-Droke Hall 129 N. Garland Ave.
Founders Hall 255 N. McIlroy Ave.
Futrall Hall 525 N. Lindell Ave.
Gatewood Hall 1104 W. Maple St.
Gibson Hall 1050 W. Dickson St.
Gladson-Ripley Hall 129 N. Garland Ave.
Gregson Hall 301 N. Garland Ave.
Harding Hall 1112 W. Maple St.
Holcombe Hall 550 N. Garland Ave.
Hotz Honors Hall 1175 W. Cleveland St.
Humphreys Hall 195 N. McIlroy Ave.
Maple Hill East 1261 W. Cleveland St.
Maple Hill South 645 N. Hall Ave.
Maple Hill West 1263 W. Cleveland St.
Northwest Quad Bldg B 1106 W. Maple St.
Northwest Quad Bldg C 1110 W. Maple St.
Pomfret Hall B-wing 31 S. Stadium Dr.
Pomfret Hall C-wing 31 S. Stadium Dr.
Pomfret Hall D-wing 31 S. Stadium Dr.
Reid Hall 1365 W. Cleveland St.
Walton Hall 324 N. Stadium Dr.
Yocum Hall 155 N. McIlroy Ave.

Greek Houses

Building Name Physical Address
Alpha Phi Alpha 1425 W. Markham Rd.
FIJI 10 N. Garland Ave.
Lambda Chi Alpha 120 N. Stadium Dr.
Phi Delta Theta 208 N. Stadium Dr.
PIKE 320 N. Arkansas Ave.
SAE 110 N. Stadium Dr.
Sigma Nu 260 N. Stadium Dr.

Other Buildings

Building Name Physical Address
Duncan Ave Apts Bldg A 194 N. Duncan Ave.
Duncan Ave Apts Bldg B 172 N. Duncan Ave.
Duncan Ave Apts Bldg C 160 N. Duncan Ave.
Duncan Ave Apts Bldg D 118 N. Duncan Ave.
Duncan Ave Apts Bldg E 80 N. Duncan Ave.
Duncan House 3 Duncan Ave.
HOUS Admin Building 960 W. Douglas St.

Additional Services

Cox Communications provides DVR and other services upon request.

Please visit or visit their store 637 E. Joyce Blvd. for more information.