Bed Information

Beds may not be removed from a student room nor disassembled.

Waterbeds are not allowed in residence hall, suite, or apartment rooms.

Loft Information

University policy does not permit residents to construct their own bed lofts or bunks for use in residence hall rooms. Attempting to bunk or loft your bed without the proper equipment and parts may place you at risk of severe injury. With the furnishings provided, residents are able to arrange their rooms utilizing the bed bunking and lofting options offered by University Housing.

Stabilizer bars must be installed on high loft configurations.

Residents are not permitted to build free-standing loft units or loft their beds using bunk bed components. University Housing does not distribute materials for raising beds. The use of cinder blocks, bricks, wood blocks, etc., to raise beds is prohibited. Also prohibited is the use of PVC pipe to raise beds. Acceptable bed risers are available at local retailers.

Lofting by Hall

Already Lofted

All beds are lofted, lofts are of wood construction and can be raised or lowered easily by one or two people without tools. A mallet may be helpful.

Applies to the following halls:
  • Buchanan-Droke
  • Founders
  • Futrall
  • Gibson
  • Gladson-Ripley
  • Gregson
  • Holcombe
  • Hotz Honors
  • Pomfret
  • Reid

Stabilizer Required

All beds are loftable, lofts are of wood construction and can be raised or lowered easily by one or two people without tools, although a rubber mallet may be helpful. For safety reasons the stabilizer bar should be in place at all times on these tall loft beds regardless if they are lofted or NOT. If the bed is set low then the bar needs to be on the top, if the bed is lofted then the bar needs to be on the bottom.

Applies to the following halls:
  • Humphreys
  • Maple Hill East
  • Maple Hill South
  • Maple Hill West
  • Walton (South)
  • Yocum

Special Circumstances

Walton (North) Beds are built-in. Mattresses rest on a large dresser unit and do not have metal springs.

Northwest Quad beds are lofted with large desk top below, lofts are heavy wood construction - will require a maintenance request to loft/unloft.

Safety Guard Rails

Safety guard rails are highly recommended for all spring heights.

You may request and receive safety guard rails for use on your bed frame through Fix-It.

Installation Instructions

  1. Slide the mattress so the safety guard rail can lay flat on the spring.
  2. Engage the two brackets of the safety guard rail to the spring and raise it to the vertical positon.
  3. The mattress can now be repositioned and will hold the guard rail in its upright position.