Reid Hall

About Reid Hall

Dedicated in 1967, the building was named for Martha McKenzie Reid who served as the Dean of Women for 17 years. Reid Hall is a primarily freshmen, women's facility. It is air-conditioned with carpeted hallways. Each bedroom has built-in closets and dressers, loftable beds and movable desks with attached hutches for books, ethernet access, cable and a networked smoke detector.

Reid Hall is located on the north side of campus on Cleveland Street, next door to Maple Hill West. While it is on the north edge of campus, it is still only a short walk or bike ride to the academic buildings. Reid Hall also has a Razorback Transit stop, which is helpful on cold or rainy days.

Room Rates

Note: Room rates shown are for the Fall 2017 - Spring 2018 academic year. Rates are based on availability of space. Rates shown have been Approved by the Board of Trustees.

Hall Features

Reid Room Layout

Typical Double Room Dimensions:*

  • Twin Beds
    • Door Side: Regular twin: 75" x 36″ x 25″
    • Window Side: Long twin: 80" x 36″ x 25″
    • Rooms ending in -23 and -08 both long twins
  • 2 Desks (48" x 24" x 30")
  • 2 Desk chairs (23" x 21" x 33")
  • 2 Bookshelves (48" x 10" x 23")
  • 2 Closets (48" x 25" x 96")
  • Double dresser (70" x 24" x 40")
  • Lighted Mirror (60" W x 27" H)
  • 2 Bulletin Boards (43" W x 32" H)
  • Window with blinds (9'6" W x 57" H)
  • Ledge (9'9" x 12" x 37")
  • * Unless noted, measurements are L x W x H
  • Bedrooms are approximately 13'6" deep and 9'9" wide
  • Each bedroom has ethernet access, cable and a networked smoke detector

Click here to see room layouts for rooms ending in #08 and #23 (end rooms).

Floor Plans

Hall Floor Plan
Reid Hall 2nd Floor
Hall Floor Plan
Reid Hall 3rd Floor
Hall Floor Plan
Reid Hall 4th Floor
Hall Floor Plan
Reid Hall 5th Floor
Hall Floor Plan
Reid Hall 6th Floor
Hall Floor Plan
Reid Hall 7th Floor
Hall Floor Plan
Reid Hall 8th Floor
Hall Floor Plan
Reid Hall 9th Floor


Distance from other campus locations

Reid Hall is a...

  • 13 minute walk to the B.A. bldg./Kimpel Hall
  • 2 minute walk to NWQ Dining Hall
  • 7 minute walk to the Student Union/Library
  • 10 minute walk to Old Main
  • 8 minute walk to the HPER bldg
  • 2 minute walk to the Poultry Science bldg
  • 14 minute walk to Bell Engineering


See Reid on the full campus map.


1365 W. Cleveland St.
Fayetteville, AR 72701-1755

Hall Closing Schedule

Reid will close for Winter and Spring Breaks.

Front Desk

Telephone: (479) 718-2302
Hours: Desk Hours are 24 hours a day.

Visiting Hours

Sunday - Thursday

8:00 am until 2:00 am

Friday - Saturday

8:00 am until 3:00 am