European Languages

Sponsoring College/Department: World Languages, Literatures and Culture Department in the Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences

The European Languages Living Learning Community consists of first-year students studying one of the following European Languages: German, Italian, Portuguese or Spanish and interested in engaging further in the cultural of all four groups.

This community will explore the unique cultures represented by the four language groups through co-curricular events from lectures and field trips to film screenings and foodway experiences.

The goal of this LLC is to offer an opportunity for language students to boost proficiency of the language being studied as well as a nuanced understanding of various European cultures. Through this interdisciplinary experience, members of the community will also increase knowledge of their own, native culture.

Students in the LLC are likely to build rapport which will lead to study groups, co-organized events, study abroad opportunities and intellectual inquiry.

The European Language LLC is located in Humphreys Hall.


  • Get to know individuals who share your interests in European Languages and Intercultural Competence
  • Grow your talents through participation and communication with your community
  • Get to know faculty and share mentoring moments in a community setting

Who should join?

  • First-year students who are currently studying one of the following European Languages: German, Italian, Portuguese, or Spanish
  • Students who are interested in exploring other cultures and learning about European traditions.

Program Requirements

  • Students who are studying one of the following European Languages: German, Italian, Portuguese, or Spanish. Priority will be given to students currently enrolled in one of the above courses on the Fayetteville campus.
  • Enroll in a 1-credit hour class delegated for the Romance Languages LLC, UNIV 1200-XXX and attend its seminars
  • Live in the dormitory designated for the European Languages LLC – Humphreys or Yocum – and have a roommate who is also selected for the European Languages LLC, ie. A student who is studying a European Languages (usually a minor or major) on the Fayetteville campus