Creating with clay is one of the many ways members of the Art LLC can enhance their skills.

LLC Coordinator: Craig Hartenberger

Sponsoring College/Department: Art Department of Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences

The Art LLC offers a unique residential experience for freshman who are seeking a major or minor in the arts.

By joining the Art LLC, you will find yourself connected with peers who share a similar passion for the visual arts and have opportunities to experience a variety of arts-related programs with these peers as well as School of Art faculty members.

It is located in Adohi and Pomfret Halls.


  • Get to know like-minded peers in an academic and social environment
  • Grow your talents through participation and communication with your community
  • Have the unique opportunity to receive mentorship from School of Art faculty

Who should join?

  • You have declared a major or minor in art history, art education, graphic design or studio art.
  • You want to make art and design a larger part of your life.
  • You want to develop a tight network of friends and professional contacts in the arts.
  • You want to immerse yourself in the art community of Fayetteville.
  • You enjoyed participating in art in high school and would like to pursue art further.

Program Requirements

  • Declared a major or minor in art history, art education, graphic design or studio art.
  • Enroll in the 0-credit hour class delegated for the Art LLC and attend its seminars UNIV 1200-010.
  • Live in the building designated for Art LLC — Adohi or Pomfret Halls — and have a roommate who is also selected for the Art LLC.