3.9 Posting Information in University Housing Buildings

Only University of Arkansas departments, colleges, and registered student organizations may request to post or provide “free will” information in a residence. University Housing reserves the right to reject advertising/posting. The quantity of material allowed and locations available for posting vary in each hall. Interested individuals can contact University Housing for more information. 

Materials of registered student organizations, and resident personal items for sale are restricted to public areas. 

Materials that discriminate against any member of the university community or visitors on the campus through advertising of offensive behavior or events of a form of biased or biased nature related to one’s personal characteristics, such as race, color, national origin, sex, religion, disability, age, or sexual orientation will not be allowed. 

Posting of flyers, posters, information etc. that have not been approved by University Housing or have been posted improperly will be removed and discarded. 

Campus entities and registered student organizations not following proper procedures may be contacted about violation of University Housing policies and may be charged for removal of flyers and posters and any damage. A referral may be made to Office of Student Conduct. 

Submission Process for Paper Signage  

At least 25 printed flyers and posters should be delivered to the University Housing Office. 

For flyers/posters to be posted on Monday, they must be received at the University Housing office no later than noon on Wednesday of the preceding week. 

Flyers and posters received after noon on Wednesday are either discarded or not posted until the following week. 

Digital Signage  

Adohi Hall, Founders Hall and Hotz Honors Hall utilize digital signage on each floor. 

Digital signage must be a JPG or PNG image at 1920 x 1080 px in size. Files can be sent to housing.uark.edu/digitalsign. 

The deadline for digital signage is the same as paper signage. 

Selling Items Between Residents  

Residents of a hall wanting to post information such as an item for sale within their hall, should contact their coordinator for residence education for approval and proper procedures. 

Dining Hall Materials  

 To post flyers or information in any of the dining facilities, please send your signage to dining@uark.edu to get approval. 

Updated August 2022 

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