3.7 Use of Shared Areas and Reserving Rooms

University Housing may limit the use of shared areas to outside organizations due to public health concerns or in case of an emergency. 

The coordinator for residence education or graduate assistant in each residence is responsible for approving the reservation of the shared areas. 

Reservations are on a first come-first-served basis. 

It is the responsibility of the coordinator for residence education to confirm with the proper reservation request. 

Registered Student Organizations (RSOs), University Housing staff, or residents are given preference over outside entities when reserving space. 

All events must fall within the guidelines set by the Student Code of Conduct and the University Housing policies. 

Outside student organizations/entities may reserve a shared area of a residence hall by contacting the coordinator for residence education at least 2 business days in advance. For secured spaces, outside student organizations/entities can follow the process listed under the Housing Room Reservation Process explained below. 

Anyone reserving a room is responsible for removal of all trash and resetting and sanitizing tables and chairs before leaving. 

A charge may be assessed if the room/ area needs more housekeeping attention after an event (excessive trash or extra cleaning required). 

Housing Room Reservation Process  

The room reservation process is available in two environments – 25Live and Outlook. The outlook environment is for conference rooms, meeting spaces, and multipurpose spaces. 

Seating in all rooms has been decreased to allow for social separation. It is recommended that you check on new room occupancy allowances. 

The 25-Live room reservation system is for classrooms and used by the Registrar’s Office. 

25 Live Process  

Classrooms listed below are reserved by sending an e-mail to the assistant director of conference services in University Housing with your request to start the process. 

  • Maple East – 139, 140, 162 
  • Maple South – 143, 145 
  • NWQ B – 108 

Microsoft Outlook Calendar Process  

Meeting rooms listed below are reserved using exchange (Microsoft Outlook) 

  • Founders 105 
  • Futrall 157 
  • Housing Office – 131, 206, 215, 231 
  • Humphreys – 0015, Great Room, 114 
  • Maple East – 144, 151, 151A 
  • NWQ (Northwest Quad) B – 112, Lobby 
  • Pomfret – A136, Great Room 
  • Reid – 117, Sunroom, 106-107 
  • Walton – Brown Room, Green Room 

Coordinator for Residence Education Process  

Contact the respective building's coordinator for residence education. 

  • Duncan community building 
  • Founders Hall Conference Room (105) 
  • Humphreys first floor and basement 
  • Pomfret Hall Great Room 
  • Reid 
  • Walton Yocum Resident Assistant Senate Room, Basement, Lobby 
  • Adohi Creative Community rooms are reserved by contacting the coordinator for the Adohi Creative Community. 

Housing Outdoor Reservations  

Reservations for the use of Maple Hill South Lawn and Humphreys Hall Lawn are made by visiting the Outdoor Space Reservations webpage on the Facilities Management website. 

Adohi Hall outdoor spaces, such as the lawn and basketball area, can be reserved through the Adohi coordinator for residence education. 

Updated August 2022 

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