3.2 Hall Visitation

Residential buildings on campus are special purpose buildings and are not open to the public. Visitation is interpreted as a visit of a short duration. 

University Housing can suspend visitation for emergency needs or qualifying circumstances. If, for any reason, including but not limited to noise complaints, possession of alcohol or other prohibited substances/materials/items, or refusal with university rules of any kind, guests may be asked to leave by housing staff at any time. 

Only residents assigned to a residence, university officials and guests (defined below) who have a legitimate reason for being in the building are allowed inside. 

A guest is someone who comes to visit a specific resident or who has been extended an invitation to visit by the University for a specific occasion, special function, tour, or official visit or is not assigned to live in the designated room. Guests who are minors, non-contracted residents, under the age of 18 are not allowed without parental supervision. 

Family members are considered guests. 

Visitation Information 

Visitation information can be found on the specific hall pages at housing.uark.edu. 

A roommate is always allowed free access to their home and shall not be restricted by the visitation of a guest. 

The host must always escort the guest when in the hall. 

The resident host is responsible for familiarizing the guest with the University rules and regulations and is responsible for the conduct of the guest. 

Individuals in violation of these or other University rules and regulations may be required to leave a residence and/or referred to Student Conduct. 

Overnight Guests 

Overnight guests are to be occasional and therefore guests may stay no more than three nights consecutively in one month. 

Each resident in the room is only allowed one overnight guest. 

Each resident is limited to a total of nine nights per semester in which they may have guests stay overnight. 

Guest may not stay during a break or starting Reading Day of finals week. 

Cohabitation is when any resident has a guest or other contracted resident share their assigned space in University Housing for more than three (3) consecutive nights. 

Updated August 2022 

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