For Incoming Students


Move-in is an exciting time for our first years students. Each June, we update our Move-in website with the latest news about your move to campus.

Freshman Residency Requirement

The University of Arkansas recognizes the benefits students receive from living on campus their first year.

All single freshmen under 21 years of age are required to live on campus in a residence hall unless they live with a parent or legal guardian’s permanent home. That home must be within 70 minutes of campus.

Students who are admitted to the University of Arkansas as a transfer student from another post secondary institution and who have completed at least 24 credit hours at that institution are not required to live on campus.

New Freshmen Housing Assignment Priority

In compliance with this University of Arkansas System policy, new freshmen will be given priority with regard to campus housing.

Freshman Residency Exemption

In certain situations a freshman may not be required to live on campus. The Freshman Residence Requirement Exemption Form will be available in late January 2023.

Living With Parent Form

In rare cases, University Housing allows a student to live with a parent their freshman year.

You must complete the Living With Parent Form in the Housing Portal to ensure your eligibility.