Dining Rates

Enjoy three dining halls run by skilled chefs and dedicated staff committed to providing the finest quality food and top-notch service. Every meal plan includes food options in over 20 retail locations and include Chick-fil-A, Starbucks, Slim Chickens and much more.

Off Campus Rates

Plan Block Meal Count Dining Dollars By Semester
Off Campus 1 80 $50 $798
Off Campus 2 25 $65 $326
Off Campus 3 50 $500 $848
Off Campus 4 5 $300 $349

On Campus Rates

Plan Block Meal Count Dining Dollars By Semester
Unlimited Plus No Limit $150 $2,185
Unlimited No Limit $50 $2,133
15-Meal Plus 15 Per Week $175 $2,020
15-Meal 15 Per Week $75 $1,963
10-Meal 10 Per Week $125 $1,823
Junior/Senior 7 Per Week $115 $1,270

Purchase Your Plan

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Each meal plan has three components: meal swipes, meal trades and Dining Dollars.

  • Meal swipes are for Fulbright, Brough and Pomfret all-you-care-to-eat dining halls. They’re open 7 days a week until 8 p.m. and offer everything from allergy friendly, vegan and vegetarian items to burgers, ethnic dishes, pasta bowls and more.
  • Meal trades give you the flexibility to “trade” a meal swipe for a combo meal at a participating retail location. During various times of the day (with some locations open until 11pm), you can enjoy your favorites without having to use your Dining Dollars.
  • Dining dollars are tax-free and work just like cash in all Chartwells locations. They give you the flexibility to grab a snack and meal when you can’t use a meal trade. Use them all? Don’t worry – you can reload them in increments of $50, $75 or $100.

Oh, and no need to carry around another card in your wallet – your meal plan is loaded on your student ID. Just be prepared to present it each time you want to make a purchase at any of the dining halls or retail locations.

Living off campus?

Chartwells has your back! Let them take grocery shopping and cooking off your plate. There is meal plan designed to fit every student’s lifestyle. Don’t like to cook? Always looking for a good deal? Like to try new things? There’s a plan for you.

Specific dietary needs?

If you have a food allergy or are in need of dietary assistance, please contact Chartwells. The culinary and dietetics staff is trained to develop a delicious solution to meet your needs.

Ashley Meek, Registered Dietitian
diet@uark.edu | 479-575-4867