6.8 Request for Release From a University Housing Contract

The Contract for Room and Board Accommodations (residence hall contract) signed with the University of Arkansas is an academic year contract beginning when students move to campus and ending 24 hours after completion of the resident's last final exam. 

Requesting a release from the contract is a lengthy process and requires specific information and documentation. 

Release is not automatically approved, and residents should not expect an immediate decision. 

If the request is approved, resident's room and board charges will continue to increase until they are officially notified of the approval in writing and have completed an official check out from their room, University apartment or Greek-managed house. 

The contract terms are still in effect (and charges continue) even if a resident has chosen not to use their meal plan or have not been living in their assigned residence hall or University apartment. 

Requests for release from the contract must be based on one of the following: 

  • Significant unexpected change in the financial situation occurring after checking into a University Housing residence. 
  • Documented medical or psychiatric condition that have worsened by living in a residence hall or University apartment 

Residents may print the request for release from room and board contract packet from the University Housing website. 

The completed packet of information should be given to the University Housing Office, between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. 

After sending the form, an appointment may be made to meet and discuss the request with the proper staff member if necessary. 

The official written notice approving or denying the request is sent to the resident's official university email address. If a resident does not receive a written notification or a decision within 10 business days after sending the form and documentation, they should contact.University Housing at 479-575-HOUS (4687) and the proper staff member will follow-up with the University Housing office to decide the nature of the delay and will provide that information to residents. 

Cases are decided based on the documentation provided. Evidence of deliberate falsification of information or the submission of any materials, which provide false or mistaken information in connection with an attempt to be released from a contract, shall be grounds for disciplinary action. 

Updated August 2022 

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