6.13 Quick Release for Students Called to Active Military Duty and Assigning When Returning From Active Military Duty

University Housing residents called to active duty at any time during their contracted period will be released from their housing contract at once after the resident brings a copy of their official orders to the University Housing Central office and fills out a Personal Hardship Petition for Release form. 

An email is sent to the hall administrative specialist, coordinator for residence education and resident saying they are released due to active duty. 

The resident completes an official checkout of their room, or they will be charged an improper checkout administrative charge. 

Residents will handle returning their keys and fob or will be charged accordingly. 

Residents will be held responsible for any damage to their room or missing items. 

The resident's room and board charges are prorated to the date they officially check out and credits applied to their student account after any charges are assessed. 

Residents returning to the University of Arkansas from active duty, who are enrolled in classes and wish to live on campus must complete a room and board contract. 

Once the resident is contracted, they will be assigned as available space allows. 

Updated August 2022 

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