6.11 Residents Returning to Campus After Study Abroad or Co-op Program

Residents planning to return to on-campus housing after completing a spring study abroad or co-op program can begin completing their contract when re-contracting begins. 

Residents who contract before the advertised priority deadline are considered to have priority status and may choose their own rooms. 

Residents are typically able to make roommate selections before choosing a room. 

Residents leaving campus at the end of the fall semester to take part in a spring study abroad or co-op program should meet with the hall administrative specialist to arrange proper checkout procedures. 

These residents need to complete checkout paperwork and a Statement of Non-Enrollment form. 

If it can be confirmed in UAConnect that the student is not enrolled in on-campus classes, spring room and board charges are removed. Room condition damages will be charged as necessary after check-out. 

Residents on a study abroad or co-op during the fall semester not returning to campus until the spring semester may contract and send the $240 advance payment online when the spring housing contract becomes available. This contract typically becomes available late in the fall semester. 

If a resident contract for fall housing during the priority period and then finds out that they will be in a co-op or study abroad program, they can send an e-mail to housing@uark.edu, requesting to cancel their contract. 

They can complete a spring contract when available if they wish to live on campus for the spring semester. 

Updated August 2022 

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