6.6 Departure and Checkout Procedures

Residents withdrawing from the University or moving to another residence hall or apartment, must complete the check-out process prior to leaving. Students who withdraw from the University must complete the statement of non-enrollment in the housing contracting portal and schedule/complete a checkout of their room. Room charges will be applied until the resident completes the checkout process. 

At the end of the spring semester, everyone must check-out of their assignment. This excludes residents with a summer school contract who are currently assigned to their designated summer housing. 

Depending on the facility, residents will have the choice to choose between traditional check-out or express check-out. 

Traditional Check-Outs 

Residents receive an email when they may sign up for a departure time appointment on the housing contract portal. Non-graduating residents are to check-out no later than 24 hours after their last scheduled final. 

Graduating seniors needing to stay until commencement and persons with other special requests to remain beyond the twenty-four-hour period must contact their coordinator for residence education (CRE) to arrange a different check-out date or time. 

Residents must meet with a staff member to complete the room condition form before checking out of the residence hall, apartment, or managed Greek house. 

Express Check-Outs 

  • The resident will log-in to the Housing Contract Portal. 
  • Resident selects departure time and receive the following options: 
  • If in an eligible building, the resident will have the choice to select between express check out or traditional checkout. 
  • If in a non-eligible building, the student will see information about check-out and select a check-out time. 
  • If choosing an express check-out, students will be given critical information about the departure process in the express check-out departure form on the Housing Portal and via e-mail. 
  • Once express check-out is selected, the resident will need to e-sign a waiver agreeing to waive their right to dispute any charges assessed against the room during the check-out process that the RA will complete later. 
  • The resident will be able to pick up an express check-out key packet near the lockbox found at the front desk of their building. The front of the key packet will include a sticker that says that they are aware that they are waiving their right to dispute any charges, and space for them to sign their name, room number, date of check-out, and a line for the student’s signature. 
  • The resident will clean their room per the check-out reminders checklist and will remove all belongings from their room. 
  • The resident will lock their room. 
  • Resident will complete the sticker on the front of the key packet and put their room/suite/apartment keys in their envelope and return it to the desk where the student receives packages. 
  • The latest a student may request an express checkout is 2pm the day after the last scheduled final exam. 

See handbook section 5.8 Assessment of Damage Charges for more information about damage-billing charges. 

Failure to complete an official check-out will result in a charge for improper check-out ($150) in addition to any other damage or charges for remaining portions of the contract term. 

Updated August 2022 

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