6.0 Housing Contract

The housing contract is the central agreement between a resident and University Housing.

6.1 Billing and Payment

6.2 Room and Hall Changes

6.3 Room Assignment Policies and Procedures

6.4 Room Selection

6.5 Occupancy from Opening to Closing

6.6 Departure and Checkout Procedures

6.7 GPA Requirements for Residents in Hotz Honors Hall

6.8 Request for Release from a University Housing Contract

6.9 Residence Hall Summer School Schedule

6.10 Intersession Housing Guidelines

6.11 Residents Returning to Campus After Study Abroad or Co-op Program

6.12 Residents Requesting Special Needs Accommodations

6.13 Quick Release for Students Called to Active Military Duty and Assigning When Returning from Active Military Duty

6.14 Policy and Procedure Changes

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