4.4 Window Ledges, Screens and Roofs

 Building ledges are not balconies. Students are prohibited from removing the window screen from their window or tampering with the window. 

Residents and their guests are prohibited from accessing building ledges or roofs, walking, or sitting on ledges or roofs being on ledges or roofs for any reason, except as directed by emergency personnel. 

If a violation occurs, University Housing will take immediate action of reassigning resident(s) to another residence, by finding the lowest space available in a residence, or immediate removal from University Housing and/or termination of the Contract for Room and Board Accommodations. The resident will be referred to the Office of Student Standards and Conduct and, if found responsible under the University of Arkansas Student Code of Conduct for accessing a ledge and will be subject to the full range of sanctions. 

Residents and their guests are prohibited from posting/placing/hanging anything on windows in assigned bedroom and/or living area of suites or throwing objects from the window or ledge. 

Reporting Screen Damage   

If severe weather storms blow a window screen off, the resident should send a FIX IT ticket or call 575-7005 to request a work or for repair. 

Residents are only charged a pre-set amount if it is determined that the screen was intentionally removed and/or damaged intentionally. 

Updated August 2022 

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