4.1 Resident Keys and Lockouts

Daytime Lockouts  

A resident may check-out a loaner key/fob from their hall administrative specialist. 

The resident has 30 minutes to return the loaner key fob set and reclaim their student ID or other item. 

If it is not returned within 30 minutes, the resident’s student account may be charged a $50 administrative charge. 

If the loaner key fob is not returned within 24 hours, a lock change will be ordered, and their student account will be charged accordingly. 

Cost of Lock Changes  

  • Non-Suite Style $100 
  • Suite Style $125 
  • Apartments $125 

After-hours Lockouts  

This includes 4 p.m. to 8 a.m. Monday through Friday and all-day Saturday and Sunday. 

These lockouts are handled by the resident assistant on duty, who will key the resident into the room after seeing the resident’s ID or checking the resident’s ID once the room has been opened. 

If the resident’s keys are present in the room at the time of the lockout, the resident must present the keys to the resident assistant. 

In the event the keys are lost or misplaced, the resident assistant must report this to the hall administrative specialist and the coordinator for residence education by noon of the following business day. Resident assistants cannot leave a loaner key/fob set with the resident unless following the formal loaner key/fob lending process. 

If needed, the resident must go to the front desk where packages are received during normal business hours to sign out a loaner key/fob set. Staff will decide if a loaner key/fob set will be issued or if a lock change is required. 

Each residence hall resident is allowed two “free” after-hours lockouts each semester. 

When a resident has reached their second after-hours lock-out for the semester, their coordinator for residence education will set up a time with the resident to have an educational conversation about their after-hours lockouts. 

When a resident has reached their third after-hours lockout for the semester, the coordinator for residence education will notify the resident via email that their university account will be billed $25 for each added after-hours lockout occurring during the semester. 

Other Situations  

Loaner key fob sets may also be checked out by residents for emergency situations as determined by coordinator for residence education and the hall administrative specialist. 

Once the specified time is up, the resident must return the loaner key fob set to the front desk during normal business hours and show the hall administrative specialist their original room key. 

Once the lock has been changed and the new keys issued, the hall administrative specialist shall collect all the old keys and return them to the University Housing Facilities Service Center. If a lock change is ordered due to a resident having their keys lost or stolen, a lock change charge will be billed to the student’s account. 

Entering a Resident’s Room  

Staff are allowed to key into any occupied residence hall room, apartment, or student room in a Greek managed house in cases of emergency, for maintenance, pest control, safety inspection, occupancy verification or when a student’s behavior violates the law or University regulations or policies. 

University Housing staff may key into a room or apartment with authorization from the contracted resident usually in the form of a maintenance request. 

Resident rooms in halls that are not open during academic breaks will be entered to verify compliance with break closing procedures. 

Updated August 2022 

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