5.6 Bicycle and Scooter Storage

Due to fire codes and accessibility requirements, bicycles and scooters must not be secured to railings, signs, stairwells, ramps, etc. because they may obstruct walkways and/or hallways. This pertains to both the interior and exterior of the buildings. Gas-powered scooters or eScooters may never be stored inside a building. Bicycles may be stored within student rooms only if both roommates agree to this arrangement because of limiting available living space. 

If a bicycle or gas-powered scooter is found fastened to a tree or obstructing a walkway, railing, sign, stairwell, ramp, or hallway, the vehicle will be reported to Transit and Parking for removal, confiscation, and impoundment. This violation may result in conduct sanctions due to the potential for causing a fire, safety, or outlet hazard. 

The Office of Sustainability has partnered with VeoRide, the campus bike share program. Investing in a simple yearly pass can save a resident from buying their own bike and worrying about storage, security, and maintenance.  Visit the Bikes webpage  on the Transit and Parking website for more information. 

Similarly, partnerships have been established with Lime and Spin escooter vendors. U of A Transit and Parking supplies detailed online rules and regulations for the use of the e-scooters in Chapter 6 of its parking and traffic regulations. The regulations match those of the city of Fayetteville, so that users of e-scooters can abide by the same set of rules on or off campus. 

For more information about biking on campus, please refer to the Transit and Parking website . 

Updated August 2022 

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