5.3 Disposing of Abandoned Items

Except for laundry, all items found abandoned in University Housing buildings or on the premises will be secured at the hall or apartment front/zoned desk for 10 business days. 

If the abandoned property is not claimed within 10 business days, Housing staff will send a FIX IT ticket for the items to be taken to campus lost and found located in the Facilities Management Central Supply at 521 S Razorback Road. If items are stored you can be charged for the amount of days stored. 

There is no ability to store items found abandoned at the close of the contracting term in May. Items found abandoned after the halls close in May will be donated through the Leaving Green process or disposed of if not considered reusable.  

This information does not apply to bicycles (See section 5.6 Bicycle and Moped Storage). 

Updated August 2022 

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