5.4 Lost and Found

A lost and found station is located at the front desk where packages are received and the Duncan Avenue Apartments office. 

Items found in a residence hall or apartment should be turned in at the front desk. 

Items will be logged with a description of the item, location where it was found, who found the item and the date it was found. 

If the item has identification, the hall administrative specialist will try to contact the individual. 

Items of value (jewelry, watches, wallets, checkbooks, keys, fobs, etc.) will be locked up in a secure location within the hall. 

Items are disposed of on the closing day of each semester or no earlier than 30 days from the noted date the item was found. 

The assistant director for building services is responsible for the disposal of lost and found items. 

Methods of Disposal  

  • Checkbooks are returned to the issuing bank if local 
  • A signature will be obtained from the bank representative accepting the returned check book. 
  • Wallets and/or purses or items of value (such as jewelry or money) will be turned into UAPD. 
  • Clothing and other items will be donated to a local charitable organization. 

Summer Conferences Guests  

The assistant director for conference services will contact the camp conference contact person to report the item(s) found. 

All items will be taken to the lost and found and held until claimed or until 10 business days have passed. 

After 10 business days, the item(s) are disposed of by donating to a local charitable organization. 

Updated August 2022 

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