Assistant Vice Chancellor

Assistant Vice Chancellor's Office

"On behalf of all University Housing staff, welcome to the University of Arkansas. Central to the residential life experience is the community in which you live. Many students have never lived away from home or shared a room before coming here. It is normal to be anxious about what the experience will be like. I encourage you to take advantage of the leadership and involvement opportunities and academic resources available here on campus.”

Florence Johnson, Assistant Vice Chancellor for University Housing


Florence Johnson
Florence Johnson
Assistant Vice-Chancellor University Housing
Sarah Whitmill
Sarah Whitmill
Administrative Analyst
Billy Blount
Billy Blount
Director for Administrative Services
Paul C. Soulsby
Paul C. Soulsby
Sr. Director Business & Technology
HOUS 208
Takama Statton-Brooks
Takama Statton-Brooks
Project/Program Director

Our Mission

University Housing is committed to provide a safe, comfortable, convenient and reasonably-priced living and learning environment that promotes student success.

Focus Areas for Fiscal Years 2019 – 2024

Student Success, Engagement, Resources and Partnerships

Text in italics are the Chancellor Guiding Priorities

Student Success

Actively strive to play a role in facilitating student success

Advancing Student Success and Strengthening Graduate Education

  1. Focus, support and create programs to increase student retention and grade point
  2. Focus and support the well-being of students
  3. Provide high quality skill-based student employment
  4. Collaborate and provide resources to address mental health issues
  5. Provide graduate assistantships


Take actions that focus, support and create programs on student academic success, multicultural competence and personal development.

Enriching Campus Diversity and Inclusion

  1. Create positive and meaningful connection with students
  2. Provide a suite of options for meaningful social interaction that are inclusive to all
  3. Integrate topics of diversity, multiculturalism and ethics into work and programs
  4. Provide student leadership opportunities


Actively plan for resources to be appropriately allocated to student success, improvement of life on-campus and the work environment.

Building a Collaborative and Innovative campus

  1. Ensure resources (financial, staffing, equipment) are used to support all areas of plan
  2. Continuously identify how and where resources can be moved for greater impact
  3. Strive to continue increase in funding for capital improvements and life cycle
  4. Strive to keep cost as low as possible for students
  5. Actively practice and prepare for various crisis situations
  6. Regularly review policies and processes to ensure students and staff are being served in the most ethically and efficient manner possible
  7. Strive for the assignment process to maximize occupancy every year
  8. Recruit and hire staff who are committed to improving student experience and success
  9. Provide opportunities for housing staff to increase knowledge and skills related to their work
  10. Embrace positive change actions improving processes and redesigning improving efficiency and productivity


Understanding the integral relationship and how strong partnerships affect everyone’s success

Reaffirming Land Grant and Flagship Responsibilities

  1. Use expertise within campus for training of students and staff
  2. Provide student programming with other entities on campus and in the community
  3. Collaborate on sustainability initiatives
  4. Stay open to new ideas for collaboration, programs and construction
  5. Actively create and maintain partnerships with departments on campus and community agencies to better serve students and staff