2.3 FIX IT

There is no cost to have the maintenance personnel make necessary normal repairs.

Completing a FIX IT ticket (maintenance request) allows University Housing staff to fix something in a resident's room such as replacing a light bulb or putting dresser drawers back on track.

Anyone may complete a FIX IT ticket. For example, if you find a leak in the restroom, plugged sink or a broken window, etc. help the community and report the problem.

Turn in a FIX IT ticket at any time, night, or day by completing an online request through the Housing FIX IT service. You may call Housing's 24/7 Service Center 479-575-7005.

Maintenance personnel work from 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. on weekdays.

By sending a FIX IT ticket, residents authorize University Housing staff and maintenance personnel to access their room or apartment to make repairs.

Residents are advised to dress appropriately when staff are present. Residents who are not COVID-19 vaccinated are asked to wear a face covering and keep social separation when maintenance personnel respond.

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