Assistant Vice Chancellor

Assistant Vice Chancellor's Office

"On behalf of all University Housing staff, welcome to the University of Arkansas. Central to the residential life experience is the community in which you live. Many students have never lived away from home or shared a room before coming here. It is normal to be anxious about what the experience will be like. I encourage you to take advantage of the leadership and involvement opportunities and academic resources available here on campus.”

Takama Statton-Brooks, Interim Assistant Vice Chancellor for University Housing

Our Mission

Building communities and making connections happen

Our Core Values


We derive sustenance and strength from the relationships, processes and environments that bind students, staff and campus partners together in the larger ecosystem of student success. Belonging builds connection.


We offer a holistic view of residential life that encompasses a safe and comfortable environment for students. We support learning, resilience and a powerful sense of purpose, belonging and well-being.


We listening deeply and experiment with data-informed strategies to maintain an enduring legacy by providing critical touchpoints for students to succeed in their collegiate journey. Residential life is a source of innovation.