1.3 Appliances and Refrigerators

Electrical appliances meeting the specifications outlined below are allowed in resident rooms.

  • One refrigerator per bedroom not to exceed 3.2 cubic feet.
  • Residents who leave for winter break do not need to, defrosted, and unplug all refrigerators in their room.
  • Microwave ovens (one per room) must not exceed 0.7 cubic feet.
  • Popcorn poppers, coffee makers, and irons must be UL-approved units.
  • Stereos, computers, televisions, DVD players, video game systems and DVRs are allowed.
  • All extension cords must be UL-approved and of proper size and gauge to safely run the appliance or device to which they are connected.
  • For the protection of resident's property, University Housing recommends surge protectors be used.
  • Multi-plug adapters having a round cord

“Daisy-chaining” cords (connecting two or more cords without a surge protector) is prohibited.

Updated August 2022

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