Chocolate Wasted is a delicious @Home event held each fall as students arrive on campus. Students learn about how to be safe around alcohol and get a chance to sample decadent chocolate treats.

All students are invited to attend the annual series of @Home events.

Event Calendar

Event Date Location
Chocolate Wasted Aug. 24, 2019 Greek Theatre
Constitution Day Sept. 17, 2019 Fayetteville Administration Building
Flip Your Flop Oct. 22, 2019 Arkansas Union Ballroom
Embody the Belief Nov. 19, 2019 Walker Hall
Life Raft Debate Jan. 21, 2020 Law School Courtroom
Sweet Chariot Feb. 18, 2020 Yocum Hall
Money in the Bank March 10, 2020 Yocum Hall
Night Market April 7, 2020 Arkansas Union Connections Lounge
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