Roommate Selection - Frequently Asked Questions

Phase 3 — Roommate Selection

Roommate Requests

How do I accept or decline a roommate request?

You must login to the Housing Portal and continue your 2022-2023 Residence Hall Contract to Phase 3 to accept or decline pending requests.

Is there a deadline when my roommate selection should be completed?

You must be bonded through the portal to assign your roommate, so before your room selection opens in the spring.

How do I respond to messages from potential roommates?

You must login to the Housing Portal to access the Portal Message Box via the three horizontal lines located to the left of the My Details tab. The message will be there.

Roommate Groups

How many people can be in my roommate group?

Roommate groups can consist of two people, you and your bonded roommate.

If I do not pick a roommate, will I be guaranteed a single room?

No. Single rooms are extremely limited. It is more likely that another person without a pre-selected roommate will pick the same room as you.

If I do not pick a roommate, will University Housing assign me a roommate based on my roommate profile answers?

No, University Housing does not assign roommates based on any kind of criteria. The profile questions are for students to find their own roommate.

What if I want to live in a suite that has four spaces, can I bond with more than one other person?

No, roommate groups can consist of two people, you and your bonded roommate.

What can I do if I know who else I want in the suite with myself and my bonded roommate?

If there are four of you who want to live in the same suite, you will need to have the two people with the earliest contract date bond with the two people with the later dates.

The person who has the earliest selection date and time should select an empty suite and put themselves and their bonded roommate in one of the rooms.

When the second person’s time to select opens — if the other room is still empty — they can select the empty spaces.

What if I am the second group to select and there isn’t an open space in the suite my friends select?

You can find an empty suite and assign yourself and your bonded roommate. Then contact your friends to move to the empty suite.

What if there is not an open suite for me and my roommate to be with my friends?

You can select a suite close to your friends, or if you wish, you can move to another hall and live next door to one another or across the hall.

Adohi Hall offers semi-suite style double rooms like Maple Hill, but you would have two to a bathroom instead of four.

Will University Housing ask people to change rooms so that me and my bonded roommate can be together?

University Housing will not ask residents to move from their selected spaces to accommodate roommate groups.