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Welcome to our Razorback Family! One unique experience that Razorback Family members have is the opportunity to live in University of Arkansas residential halls. Living on campus offers three key benefits: Convenience, Community, and Commuting! Convenience is essential when looking for housing, and the residential halls have just that. Classes, football games, intramural sports, campus activities, and much more are located just steps from the residential halls. On campus housing also offers the development of Community. Living with your peers will lead to friendships that will last a lifetime, create handy study groups, and make connections with a wide variety of students. Finally, Commuting options are made easy while living on campus. All residential halls are within walking distance from your classes and any other university amenities. Another option of commuting is riding on the buses. Bus stops are located adjacent to residential halls. We are excited to add you to our Razorback Family, and we hope you will advantage of the wonderful opportunity of living on campus!

Stuff you need to know

Freshmen Residency Requirement

The University of Arkansas recognizes the benefits students receive from living on campus their first year. Therefore, all single freshmen under twenty-one (21) years of age are required to live on campus in a residence hall, or in their parent or legal guardian’s permanent home. Students who are admitted to the University of Arkansas as a transfer student from another post secondary institution, and who have completed at least 24 credit hours at that institution are not required to live on campus.

New Freshmen Housing Assignment Priority

New freshmen will be given priority with regard to campus housing due to the fact that their developmental level and familiarity with the campus puts them at greater risk of not succeeding academically if they are not housed on campus.

Campus Communities

Learn about the various Residence Hall and apartment choices here at the University of Arkansas at Campus Communities page.

Living Learning Communities (LLCs)

As a member of an LLC, you will have the opportunity to quickly make friends and feel comfortable at the University of Arkansas while meeting faculty and staff dedicated to your success. Participating in an LLC costs nothing extra.

Visit the Living Learning Communities page to learn more.

Housing Calendar

The Housing Calendar will keep you up-to-date on the events you need to keep in mind as you get ready for your first year at the University of Arkansas.

Other stuff you need to know


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Housing Calendar

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