Fire & Fire Alarms

The threat for fire exists everywhere we go and can happen at any time. Fire is the number one threat to anyone on any college campus anywhere. Knowing what to do is critical. The first thing you should become aware of are the emergency evacuation routes available to you. In your residence hall or apartment, you should learn a primary and a secondary exit route.

When the fire alarm sounds do not wait around to see if it is just burned popcorn or a real fire. If it is a real fire, seconds matter. In addition to it being a LAW, it is the U of A's policy that everyone evacuates when the fire alarm sounds...everyone! As you leave your room, close your door and proceed to the exit at a steady pace, do not run. If you live above or below the ground level floor, DO NOT USE THE ELEVATOR, use the stairs. Once outside move away from the building a safe distance. Remember, the Fire and Police Departments will be responding and will need a clear path to the building and the door.

Failure to evacuate during an active fire alarm is illegal and will subject you to judicial sanctions. Tampering with or disabling smoke and heat detectors is another large mistake. The minimum restitution and fine for this type offense is a minimum of $500.00.