Emergency Siren & Notification System


Your U of A campus is equipped with an outdoor warning siren and public address system managed and operated by University of Arkansas Police Department (UAPD). Outdoor sirens/public address equipment is located on top of the Arkansas Union in the center of campus, at Baum Baseball Stadium, and on the University Agricultural campus on Highway 112. This equipment has the capability to emit a warning siren and to transmit voice instructions that have been pre-recorded or manually spoken from UAPD headquarters. This siren system is tested at 11:00AM every Tuesday. If there is a threat of severe weather, that test will be postponed until the following week. When activated, listen carefully and follow the instructions.


Your campus residence hall or apartment is also equipped with a system capable of transmitting pre-recorded and manual announcements. Speakers are located throughout each facility that will be used to share instructions. During times of inclement weather, it is everyones responsibility to stay tuned to local media for late breaking announcements.

Sheltering During A Tornado

In our private homes, we are taught to go to the basement or lowest floor and shelter in a small interior room like a closet or bathroom. This is true in wooden built houses. However, many of you are now living in high-rise buildings constructed of steel and concrete. These buildings are constructed to withstand the winds and forces that a tornado creates. So...where do I go? Each floor has an evacuation and severe weather shelter diagram that provide this information. Take a minute to go out into the hall, locate the placard and memorize your evacuation routes and shelter locations. You never know when you may need this information!