Diversity Scholars LLC

Members of the Diversity Scholars LLC learn about their individual learning styles and discuss how to use this information in their academic and professional careers.

The Diversity Scholars Living Learning Community provides students with extracurricular educational opportunities and academic support while cultivating future leaders through student engagement, faculty involvement and a collaborative residential community.

Being a part of the Diversity Scholars LLC will help to ensure a successful transition to the University of Arkansas.

It is located in Pomfret Hall Building C.

Note that the expectations of Greek Life involvement conflict with the expectations of the LLC and Academic Enrichment Program, therefore Diversity Scholars LLC participants cannot participate in Greek Life Recruitment.


  • Receive support according to your scholarship requirements to help retain your funding
  • Get to know faculty in a small setting
  • Create connections right away with peers who share the same interests
  • Become involved at the University of Arkansas
  • LLC participation awards will be given each semester to the student(s) who are the most involved

Who should join?

  • You are an incoming first-year student with a diversity scholarship.
  • You are a Silas Hunt Scholar.


  • Accepted one of the following scholarships: Razorback Bridge Scholarship, DACCC, Silus Hunt Scholarship, or have been approved as a participating roommate of a scholar
  • Actively participate in the Academic Enrichment Program
  • Attend 50% of the scheduled LLC activities each semester
  • Enroll in the 0-credit hour class delegated for the Diversity Scholars LLC, Univ 1200-003, and attend its seminars
  • Live in the building designated for the Diversity Scholars LLC, Pomfret Hall, and have a roommate who is also selected for this LLC




Contact Information

Contact Brande Michelle Flack, associate director of the Center for Multicultural and Diversity Education.


Brande Michelle Flack
Associate Director of the Center for Multicultural and Diversity Education

Caterina McConnell
Peer Ambassador