End-of-Year Closing Information

University of Arkansas Residence Halls Will Close at 2:00 p.m. Saturday, May 9

The Short Version

Start getting ready to move out now!
Schedule a check-out time
Return your room furniture to its original position
Make sure your room is clean before you check-out
Donate items you no longer need
Be on time and ready to leave at your check-out appointment
Let us know if you have any questions!

Transit and Parking Schedules for Finals and Summer 2015

Transit and Parking information for Finals and the 2015 Summer sessions can be found here.

Things To Do Before Finals Week:

  • Make travel arrangements now, keeping in mind that the halls close 2:00 pm, Saturday, May 9. Graduating seniors may check-out by noon, Sunday, May 10, but must complete an Extended Stay Form (see below).
  • Begin packing now. Ship home things you won't need (clothing, books, etc.) or plan to take a load home on a weekend prior to finals week. Boxes may be hard to find later -- start collecting them now.
  • Study! You'll be busy during finals week dealing with last minute details. Don't put off all your studying until then!
  • Watch for signs announcing the time and place of an informational meeting discussing checkout procedures. A lot of important information that can make your checkout faster and easier will be given out at this time.
  • Talk with your RA about the process for scheduling a check-out time.
  • Carefully read the Spring 2015 End of Year Reminder List provided by your hall secretary when you sign up for a check-out time. If you have questions, ask your RA now for more information.

Things To Do During Finals Week:

  • Observe special 24- hour quiet hours designated for finals week. Tell family and friends who may be helping you move about these hours and request their cooperation in keeping the halls quiet for those who are still studying.
  • Help custodial staff by bagging your trash and taking it outside to the dumpster. Begin removing your trash and cleaning now.
  • Be ready to check-out at the time you scheduled with your hall secretary.
  • Make sure your room is clean.
  • If applicable, empty, unplug, defrost and clean out the microfridge. Your refrigerator must be clean and defrosted before your check-out meeting.

Extended Stays

Students must check-out of their room within 24 (twenty-four) hours after their last final exam. If you need to stay longer than that, you must request an extended stay.

  • Extended stays are not guaranteed, but are available for students who are:
    • Going through or participating in Commencement;
    • In summer classes and are staying for the intersession (see below);
    • Working on campus for the summer;
    • Athletes participating in spring sports;
    • Holding tickets for flights after 2 pm on Saturday, May 9;
    • Required for any other reason to stay on campus after 2 pm on Saturday, May 9.
  • Extended Stay Request forms are available from your hall/commons secretary;
  • Extended Stay Requests must be turned in to your Coordinator for Residence Education by Friday, May 1 at noon;

Except for students either graduating or participating in Commencement, Extended Stays are billed to your student account at a rate of $30.00/night. Payment information for the extended stay is included on the application form.

End of Year Room Floor Plans

Prior to check-out, return your room to its original floor plan. See below for a diagram of the most common room floor plans.

Original Condition Floor Plans (Most Common Rooms Shown)

Buchanan/Droke Hall Founders Hall
Founders Gable Rooms Futrall Hall
Gibson Hall Gladson/Ripley Hall
Gregson Hall Holcombe Hall
Hotz Honors Hall Hotz Air Chase Rooms
Hotz End Rooms Humphreys Hall
Maple Hill Suites Northwest Quad Suites
Pomfret Hall Reid Hall
Walton Hall South Yocum Hall

Leave Green!

Donating Old Items: Leaving Green!

University Housing has a program allowing local charities the opportunity to receive donated items from the residence halls at closing. Every year at hall closing students have a large quantity of gently used items that they no longer need or want - rather than discard these items or carry them back home, students may donate them through the Leave Green program.

This year donated items will benefit OPERATION REBOOT: Giving Veterans a Hand Up.

Operation Reboot will provide clearly-marked containers for you to drop off your clothing and household items. Please do not use these containers for trash.

Checking Out of Your Room

  1. Failure to complete the following tasks may result in charges to your student account.
    • If you do not already have a resident reserved permit, you can request a temporary parking pass on the day of your scheduled check-out.
    • This pass will be effective from 60 minutes prior to your scheduled check-out to 30 minutes after your scheduled check-out time. There is only enough time on this pass to allow you to pack your vehicle(s) once your room is cleaned.
    • Display the pass so it is visible in your windshield.
    • If family or friends are helping you move, you may also request a pass for them.
    • Do not park in fire lanes, handicap parking spaces, or loading docks during move-out! Any vehicle in these areas will be towed.
  3. Vacuum/sweep the floor and pick up the mess. Do not sweep trash into the hallway.
  4. Clean bathroom, if applicable. Wipe down desk and drawers, wipe off mirror, remove all paper and tape from walls, windows, ceilings and/or doors.
  5. Make sure all of your possessions are out of the building. (Check closet, cabinets and drawers)
  6. Trash that does not fit in the bags provided at the Hall Front Desk must be taken to the OUTSIDE DUMPSTER. Do not place trash in the bathroom or hallway.
  7. Place unwanted carpet in designated area or in dumpster provided.
  8. If you have a loft bed that came with your room, your mattress spring needs to be at the appropriate level:
  9. Place all furniture in its original locations in the room (see floor plans in the chart above).
  10. Leave air conditioner unit fan on low and open blinds.
  11. If you are the first to check-out, arrange to have your roommate present at your check-out time to help determine who is responsible for any damages that may be found during checkout inspection.
  12. ALL YOUR BELONGINGS MUST BE OUT OF YOUR ROOM before check-out paperwork can be completed.
  13. Wait for your RA to come to the room and complete the check-out.
  14. Check your mailbox before leaving the building.
  15. University Housing will only forward mail for 30 days after the halls close. To make sure you receive your mail, complete a forwarding address card with the Post Office.
  16. Take your bike home, if applicable.
  17. Have a great summer!

Additional Things To Do If Checking Out of a Duncan Avenue Apartment

  • Talk with your roommates to determine how and when the apartment and its many rooms will be cleaned. Pay particular attention to the bathroom and kitchen areas.
  • If you are moving from an apartment, the apartment appliances and bathrooms must be left in a clean and presentable manner, ready for immediate assignment to the next occupant. Failure to do so will result in an appropriate assessment to clean the apartment and/or equipment. Any items left in the apartment upon moving out will be disposed of.

Housing for Intersession (May 10 - 22) & Interim (May 12 - 24)

Intersession housing is only available to 2015 Spring Semester residence hall residents participating in Intersession classes. Interim housing is for 2015 Spring Semester residence hall students who are attending summer session one and have contracted to live in summer school housing.

To stay in Intersession housing, you must complete an extended stay request form available from your hall/complex secretary. Students in Intersession housing will move from their spring room into their Intersession room on Sunday, May 10, between 12:00 - 4:00 p.m.

To stay in interim housing, you must complete an extended stay request form available from your hall/complex secretary. Students in interim housing will move from their spring room into their summer room on Tuesday, May 12, between 1:00 - 4:00 p.m. Click here for more information about Summer Housing.

A nightly charge of $30.00 will be billed to your student account and is not part of your summer or academic term charges.

Students staying on campus for the Intersession and interim are advised that the annual steam shutdown for system maintenance will occur from Sunday, May 17 - Wednesday, May 20. During this time there will be no hot water on campus.