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Parents and Legal Guardians play a vital role in helping students succeed. We at University Housing see the importance of a positive relationship between student and parent, and we hope to work together with you in providing for the needs of your student and helping them have a fun, successful, and productive experience at the University of Arkansas.

We invite you to look around our website, particularly the links below. If you have difficulty finding anything, please contact us and let us know how we can help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Housing Contract

  • My student just completed their Housing contract. When will they be able to choose their room on Shop-N-Swap (online room selection)?
    Shop-N-Swap, University Housing's online room selection application, will be available for 2014 freshmen beginning in April, 2014. A student's selection date will be based on their contract complete date or the earliest contract complete date in their roommate group. Students will be notified of their selection date and time by email and through a MyChecklist update.
  • My student wants to live at home OR we want our student to live at home. Is that possible?
    Yes, as long as your student lives in your permanent home within 70 minutes commuting time of the University. We use Rand-McNally to determine the commute time. The instructions for submitting a Live with Parent or Legal Guardian are here (pdf).
  • My student just completed the Housing contract, but now wants to live at home. How do we cancel the contract?
    First you and your student must complete the Living with Parent or Legal Guardian form (pdf) and have it verified. Your student must also send a cancellation email to housing@uark.edu, including the student's full name and University of Arkansas ID number, requesting the cancellation. Cancellations received prior to June 23rd will receive a $50.00 credit of the $240 advance payment; cancellations received after June 23rd will not receive any credit of the $240 advance payment.

Fall Move-In and Hall Opening

Resident Resrved Parking

  • How early can a student sign-up to be included on the Resident Reserved Parking waiting list?
    As early as the third week in November if they have completed their Housing contract. The specific date will be on MyChecklist.
  • How do you determine who to offer a Resident Reserved permit to?
    1. Resident Reserved permits are assigned according to the number of parking spaces in zones based on where the student lives.
    2. Upper-class students returning to campus are offered Resident Reserved permits first.
    3. The waiting list is sorted by the date the student requested a Resident Reserved permit on MyChecklist
  • My student didn't have a car when they completed their contract but now they have one. Can they still sign up for Resident Reserved parking?
    Yes, they need to log into MyChecklist and change their parking status.
  • I don't know if my student signed up for Resident Reserved parking. How do I find out?
    You or your student can log into MyChecklist, it will show you what has been done regarding parking.

Package, Gift and Flowers Delivery

  • Where do I find my student's mailing address? How does package, gift and flower delivery work on campus?
    Your student's mailing address is on MyChecklist. He or she may login there to get their complete address which consists of a street address and private mail box number (PBM).
  • How are packages, gifts and flowers delivered on campus?
    Gifts, flowers, and packages may be delivered to the residence halls during office hours. Packages that fit in the resident's private mailbox are placed in their mailbox upon delivery. Items shipped must be addressed properly and accurately in order to arrive in a timely manner. Contact the resident and ask for their complete mailing address. The complete mailing address can be found in MyChecklist. The complete address will include a private mailbox number (PMB).
  • How does a student get their package?
    Packages may be picked up during business hours when the hall secretary is present. Typically, the hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to noon and 12:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. The resident must present a picture ID to pick up items.
  • What are some package delivery options?
    • UPS, FedEx or DHL
      When properly addressed these delivery companies deliver packages directly to the residence hall or zone office.
    • United States Postal Service (USPS)
      Delivery of items shipped via USPS is determined by the delivery option purchased by the sender. If the sender does not purchase an option, the package is typically delivered to the residence hall or zone office. If the item is large or heavy USPS, may deliver the package to the Union Post Office. University Housing does not determine if a package is delivered to the residence hall or Union Post Office. The decision is determined by USPS. If the sender purchases the delivery confirmation option, the sender receives confirmation when the item is delivered to the Fayetteville Postal Distribution Center. It is not confirmation the item has been delivered to the University campus or residence hall. If the sender purchases the Signature Confirmation option, USPS delivers the package to the Arkansas Union Post Office -- not to the residence hall or zone office. Once the hall secretary receives an official package notification (pink slip) from USPS, the notification will be placed in the resident's private mailbox informing the resident to pick up the package at the Union Post Office.
    • What if my student receives packages weekly or cannot pick up packages during business hours?
      For this it is recommended that the student consider renting a mailbox in the Arkansas Union from the U.S. Post Office.

Room and Board

  • What does it mean if my student is assigned to temporary housing?
    When students are assigned to Temporary Housing, Shop-N-Swap(SNS) will display this message:
    A Space Has Been Successfully Reserved: We are looking forward to having you live with us during the 2014-2015 academic year. Space in the residence halls is assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. However, at this time there is no space for you to self-assign. Therefore, you have been given a temporary virtual assignment. We encourage you to continue to login to Shop-N-Swap between now and June 30 and look for space as it becomes available. Your student will receive an email with the above information.
    Their assignment will be listed on MyChecklist as "Temporary Housing (TH)" but will not show a room number. Students assigned to TH spaces will still need to select a move-in time. They will be prompted to select a different move-in time when/if they are assigned to a regular space in a hall that has a different move-in day. Roommate Profiler will display a room number however, any roommate group assigned to temporary housing will not likely be assigned together.
  • What if my student wants to change halls?
    Paraphrased from the Residence Hall Handbook Section 4.5 Room Assignment Policies and Procedures: Once a student checks into their assigned residence hall in August, all requests for change in residence halls will be handled via University Housing’s web page. Students wishing to be placed on a waiting list for a single room or double room in a different residence hall will have that opportunity by going to the Housing web page beginning the 11th day of classes. Housing considers these requests on a first-come, first-served basis, depending on the hall requested and the date and time their name is added to the waiting list. If space becomes available, Housing will begin to offer reassignments during the first week in September. Resident Reserved Parking permits may NOT transfer to your new parking zone.
  • What if my student wants to change rooms in the hall they live in?
    Paraphrased from the Residence Hall Handbook Section 4.5 Room Assignment Policies and Procedures: students wishing to change rooms within their current assigned hall, can effect a change on Move-In Day, August 21, 2013 PRIOR to checking in to their assigned room and with the agreement of all roommates affected by the move. Students must receive authorization from their Coordinator for Residence Education before beginning any room changes. The following guidelines may be helpful:
    • Your Coordinator of Residential Education must approve the room change BEFORE you move.
    • No room changes may be approved or done on Monday, August 26.
    • Race, national origin, or religion will not be considered in making roommate reassignments.
    Students changing rooms improperly will be assessed a charge and may be required to return to their original room.
  • How do we change a meal plan?
    Students may change to a smaller meal plan through the eleventh day of class. Your student will need to send an email to Housing (housing@uark.edu) telling us:

    • Which meal plan they currently have,
    • which meal plan they want, and
    • The student needs to use their full name and UA ID number as the signature.

    Meal plan changes received by 12:00 noon on Friday will go in effect on the following Sunday. Meal plan changes received after 12:00 noon on Friday will not be effective until the Sunday after the following week.

    Students may change to a larger meal plan at any time by following the steps above.

  • What if my student doesn't get along with their roommate?
    Please refer to the Residence Hall Handbook, Section 2.7 Living With Roommates.
  • Can my student get a single/private room?
    Paraphrased from the Residence Hall Handbook Section 4.5 Room Assignment Policies and Procedures: Students wishing to be placed on a waiting list for a single room or double room, may do so by going to the University Housing web page beginning the 11th day of classes. Single rooms usually do not become available until later in the academic year. Single rooms will not be off ered until the double room waiting list for that hall has been exhausted. New student waiting list requests for a single room or double room will be handled on a first-come, first-served basis and will depend on the hall you have requested and the date and time your name is added to that waiting list. Remember that requests to move to another room, single or double, in a different hall will not be accepted until after the 11th day of classes.
  • What if my student needs a long mattress?
    Students in the following residence halls already have a long mattress: Founders, Hotz Honors, Maple Hill West, the Northwest Quad, and Walton South. These mattresses are 36" by 80". All other students requiring a mattess longer than 75" must request one during the summer prior to moving on campus. Information about long mattress requests can be found on this Web page: What to Bring With You.
  • What is an RA and what is their role?
    Resident Assistants (RA), are typically undergraduate students who live and work on the residential floors and apartments, many having an academic success or citizenship focus. They serve as mentors, oversee floor academic programming and activities and have administrative responsibilities for their communities.
  • What is a CRE and what is their role?
    Coordinators for Residence Education (CRE), live in the residence halls and are responsible for supervising RAs, advising Hall Government and managing daily residence life operations. CREs are full-time employees of University Housing with Masters Degrees in Student Personnel or related fields.
  • How can my student become an RA?
    The Resident Assistant hiring process for the following school year begins in the Fall Semester. Qualifications for the position and application information will be available on the Housing Website when the hiring process begins.
  • What happens if my student loses their room key or fob?
    Please refer to the Residence Hall Handbook, Section 5.3 Room Keys.
  • What is a "fob"?
    A fob is a small plastic device located with the student’s residence hall room key that provides access into their residence hall. The student must swipe the fob against a reader at the entrance to the residence hall to gain access. All key fob data is overseen and operated by members of the University Housing Central Office Staff.

Spring Closing

  • When do 24-Hour Quiet Hours go into effect?
    Quiet hours at 10:00 PM on the Sunday prior to spring Dead Day.
  • What happens to my student's mail?
    When your student signs up for a checkout time they will complete forwarding address information. First class mail will be forwarded up to thirty (30) days.
  • Does my student receive a list of what to do to prepare for checkout?
    Yes. When your student signs up for their checkout time the secretary will provide them a list of things that need to be done, and she will write the day and time of their scheduled checkout on the form.
  • What happens if my student does not sign up for a checkout time?
    Your student will have to wait until a Resident Assistant (RA) is available to check them out. There is no way to determine how long they will have to wait for an RA. To avoid delays in departure your student should sign up for a checkout time at least 24 hours ahead of their scheduled departure. There is a $45 charge for an unscheduled check out.
  • What is an unscheduled check out?
    An unscheduled check out occurs when a resident fails to sign up for a check out time at least 24 hours in advance.
  • What if they have clothes and other usable items they don't want anymore?
    Consider donating unwanted, usable items in donation bins located in the hall.
  • What can my student do with the carpet they put in the room?
    If your student doesn't bring it home they should take the carpet to the dumpster provided outside of the residence hall OR they can refer to the agency recovering donated items from the residence hall to see if they will accept room carpets.
  • Do you provide cleaning tips for students?
    Yes, for example:

    Bathroom Cleaning for Suites
    1. Wipe down all surfaces of the bathtub, shower, sink and commode with a NON-abrasive cleanser. NEVER use a bowl cleaner on the fixtures. Please be sure to clean under lip of bowl where the water enters the bowl. Repeat as many times as necessary to get all surfaces clean.
    2. Sweep/dust and mop bathroom floor repeatedly until clean, including corners.
    Additional Cleaning
    1. Move furniture, sweep floor, and use dust-pan to remove debris; do not sweep the debris into the common areas or hallway and leave it there. Return furniture to original location and sweep again, if necessary.
    2. Remove all trash from the room and common area, and in suites, and take to the dumpster. Again, any trash left behind will result in a charge to each resident.
    3. Suite common areas should be cleaned.
  • What if my student disagrees with the room condition form?
    If your student has a question or disagrees with anything noted on the room condition form they should speak with the Coordinator for Residence Education (CRE) before signing the form. The CRE is very busy during closing and your student may have to wait to speak with them. If your student has a question about potential damage in their room they should schedule an appointment with their CRE prior to Dead Day.
  • What if my student needs to stay longer than 24 hours after their last final?
    Any student wanting to stay longer should complete an Extended Stay Request form and return it to their front desk. The schedule for Extended Stay requests will be posted in the residence hall. The Coordinator for their hall will notify them if they are approved to stay via email.
  • What if my student is living in summer school housing and plans to come home after the halls close for spring?
    If your student is going to live on campus for summer school and they plan to go home the week prior to summer school starting they can make an appointment to place items in storage in the summer school hall. Renters insurance is required for leaving items in storage.
  • What if my student is living in summer school housing and is not coming home between the end of spring semester and summer school?
    Your student should complete the Extended Stay Request and return the form to their hall Coordinator. There is a $26 charge per night to stay in the hall from the day the halls close until the move-in day for summer school.
  • What if I see housing charges on my student’s account after they have moved out?
    If you see a charge for damage or miscellaneous ask your student to show you the Room Condition form. If you still have questions contact our office and ask to speak with the assignment staff. You can contact us by emailinghousing@uark.edu or calling 479-575-3951.
  • What if my student is an athlete and has to stay for competition?
    The athletic department will make arrangements for Student Athletes who are participating in a sport to remain in university housing past hall closing.
    Only student athletes confirmed by the athletic department may remain and a daily charge of $26.00 will be applied to your student’s account.

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