Connecting your Ubuntu PC


UARK 5G Wi-Fi is the recommended network for UARK users, offering unrestricted and secure access to all Web locations and services. In areas where UARK 5G Wi-Fi is not available, or when using an incompatible wireless device, UARK 2G Wi-Fi offers a slower, secure alternative that can be accessed from any building on any device.

The following information provides the correct security settings for connecting to wireless in the Linux operating system Ubuntu.

  1. In the Wireless Network Authentication window's Wireless Security tab, choose the following settings:
    • Wireless security: WPA and WPA2 Enterprise
    • Authentication: Protected EAP (PEAP)
    • Anonymous identity: leave blank
    • CA certificate: (None)
    • PEAP version: Automatic
    • Inner authentication: MSCHAPv2
  2. Enter your UARK username and password.
  3. Click Connect. A warning that you have not chosen a certificate authority will appear. Click Ignore.

Note: You may be prompted to enter a new keyring password. Create a keyring password, and click OK.


Follow the instructions below if you are having issues connecting to a wired network port using Linux.

Because of variations in operating systems, step-by-step Linux instructions are not available. Basic network configuration settings for most Linux computers require creating a 802.1x connection profile in the network manager and using the following options:

  • Authentication : PEAP or TTLS
  • Anonymous identity: Leave blank
  • CA Certificate: None
  • Inner authentication: MSCHAPv2
  • Username & Password: Your UARK username and password

Known Issues

Wireless Throughput

Wireless is a shared medium. Devices in use on the same access point can affect the speed at which you connect. Legacy devices that connect to access points can cause newer devices that support faster speeds to instead connect at the slower speed. This is expected functionality. We recommend using the 5 GHz frequency, rather than 2.4 GHz, if your device supports it.

For continued problems with your Wi-Fi, visit the Help, my Wi-Fi does not work! article.

Technical Support

If you are unable to access the Internet after following these instructions, or if you need further assistance, please contact the ResNet Help Desk.