Router Connectivity Concerns

Analysis of recent campus-wide network outages has uncovered that some students are incorrectly connecting their personal routers.

Personal routers are allowed in the following buildings after the device is registered with ResNet and within the University of Arkansas Wireless Airspace policy:

  • Futrall Hall
  • Gibson Hall
  • Gregson Hall
  • Holcombe Hall
  • SAE House
  • Walton Hall

Personal routers and similar devices, such as wireless printers, are not allowed in other buildings owned or managed by University Housing.

Where routers are allowed, it is critical that they be correctly connected to prevent disruption to other residents.

  1. Personal routers should only be connected to a single University network jack and only using the WAN, Ethernet, Internet, or modem port. Click here for a flier showing you how to properly connect your router.
  2. The LAN ports of a personal router should never be connected to a University network jack.
  3. Routers should be configured not to broadcast DHCP through the WAN port. This is usually the default configuration, but it is the responsibility of the student to ensure this setting has not changed.

For router connectivity questions, please contact ResNet Support at (479) 575-3951.

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