2.8 What Not To Bring - Prohibited Items

The list of items prohibited from residence halls has been updated to include hoverboards.

Certain items that we may take for granted at home can prove impractical or harmful in a group living community such as a residence hall or apartment. Some items on this list are specifically prohibited by law and/or University policy. Please note that students found with these and/or other prohibited items in their room or apartment will at least be asked to remove the item and may be subject to student judiciary action. Some items prohibited by law may be subject to immediate confiscation by University officials:

  • Air conditioners - including window and portable units
  • Animals other than service animals or small, harmless fish. Aquariums can be no larger than 20 gallons
  • Candles (lit or unlit), incense and open flame/open coil activated potpourri
  • Cooking appliances (with the exception of microwave ovens, coffee makers, hot pots and popcorn poppers with closed coil heating elements) may not be used or stored in student rooms. This includes cooking equipment with an open heating coil (toasters, toaster ovens, hot plates, etc. -- any appliance with a heating element you can touch and/or see glowing when on). Due to increased risk of fire, this prohibition extends to “George Foreman-style grills,” and “NuWave,” or any type of induction heating device.
  • Dart boards and darts
  • Electric blankets or bed warmers
  • Electronic skateboards including self-balancing boards/scooters, and other similar equipment, are prohibited from being stored and/or charged inside any University Housing facilities including those managed by University Housing due to a potential fire hazard.
  • Grills - either outdoor or indoor (including electric steam grills).
  • Halogen light bulbs of any kind
  • Laundry item: “3-in-1” laundry sheets
  • Multi-plug outlet adapters or power strips without an internal circuit breaker
  • Nails, brads, screws, etc. for walls
  • Paintball guns of any kind are prohibited.
  • Space heaters (of any type)
  • Wading pools, Waterbeds, spas.
  • Water coolers.
  • Weapons (tasers, bladed, blunt, projectile including guns, bows and arrows, etc.), explosives and fireworks.
  • Other items prohibited by law and/or University policy.